Once I tweeted, "My writing is 15,000 micro-fictions jammed together into what I like to call a poem." My artistic practice began in my early 20s, me alone in my bedroom writing sad poems. Since then, it's grown in ways that have been surprising, joyful, challenging, fun, meaningful, empowering, etc. A shitload of poems, dozens of performances, an infinite mountain of digital detritus, drawings distributed at fast food restaurants, screaming β€œLADDER!” over and over in an emotionally devastating play, awesome collaborators, mixtapes, a lot of learning, heavy involvement in gallery/performance/community spaces, starting new things, organizing festivals, turning a friend's basement into a factory for books-made-by-hand, + all the stuff I don't have space for. I'm not sure what it adds up to, but the work means a lot to me. It allows me to continually forge new connections with strangers and deepen my relationships with loved ones. Being a human being in the weird ass world, everything that that entails, is the lifeblood of my practice. 

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