[QuickVid!!!!] Bob Marley Graveyard Practice Routine

There are a lot of great moments in the 2012 documentary Marley. I'd like to excerpt more of them and post them online (although I just got a copyright notice from YouTube that this is blocked in 15 countries, lol). The movie's well worth watching in total. Bob Marley obviously lived an incredible life but I think it shines the music has room to breathe. I'm always confused when I talk to someone who is into music, art, culture, etc. but who isn't a Bob Marley fan... be they a hater, indifferent, or someone who has never listened. If you're such a person you should (in my opinion) reevaluate your position and open your heart to some music that is beautiful, deeply important, and endlessly rewarding. I like this video as like an origin story thing. I guess because I'm an artist whose been kicking around doing random shit for a real long time I like reading stories about what kicking around looked like others. There's good stuff in one of RZA's books about Wu-Tang Clan about those dudes just walking around rapping on corners in NYC, that being their lives as rappers for close to a decade.