[QuickVid!!!!] Real Ass Poetry On The Red Carpet

This is a weird video of some celebs... A$AP Rocky, Topher Grace, Lake Bell... reading poems by Lauren Ireland, one the best poets. The Topher section is a very funny/real as fuck illustration of how culture kinda conditions people to be repulsed by poetry. Not to give Topher Grace and Ashley Hinshaw too much credit, as they're clearly pretty contemptuous of another human being's creativity here, but you get my point. The way I talk about this when I'm talking to people is to say that often when I tell folks I'm a poet a look of Pure Hatred registers on their face for a fraction of a second before seeming interested for a bit then never talking to me again. The equal and opposite reaction is when someone actually sees me read some fuckin' poems and have this throwed look in their eye like, "Woah... that was... actually... cool?" Poetry is dead. Long live poetry.